The Master of the Bandolin
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The Master of the Bandolin

Hamilton de Holanda

The Brazilian Master of the Bandolin, Hamilton de Hollanda, is also a master of interacting instrumental music in different musical styles.

Yesterday night at Circo Voador in Lapa the fist presentation of Baile do Almedinha which will have sequence of four presentations started. The heavy rain on a wednesday night did not stop the public from showing up as the venue was full. Hollanda cleverly incorporates his bandolin, which for most is known in more traditional music, upbeat samba rhythm with an astonishing precision. I had the pleasure of testifying to his amazing abilities previously in Berlin, then touring with the samba star Diogo Nogeira in Europe.

One of the main attractions alongside Hollanda yesterday, was the samba singer Fernanda Abreu. The repertoire was known to most cariocas attending the show as everyone was singing along. That peculiar carioca vibe was definitely present as was the carnival atmosphere brought to the audience by world class percussionists from the samba school Unidos da Tijuca.

With Baile do Almedinha kicking it off the Carnival season, we know that good things are coming, so get your samba dancing shoes on and og to the next Baile do Almedinha

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