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You have probably heard that Rio de Janeiro is a  dangerous travel destination.  The crime rate in Rio is definitely higher than in many European countries, but  should you be scared to go? Our answer is, if you take the right security measures and stay within the borders of reason (no hitchhiking into the favela), you should.  There is never a guarantee that nothing will happen but being aware of your surroundings is a good start. In this section you can find  tips on security and transportation to make your stay as safe as possible.


Keep it simple

It seems obvious, but well say it anyway, do not flash your new iphone, your watch, and never bring your computer to the beach although there is free wifi. Take of all of your jewelry, watches and valuables and put them in a safe at your hotel.

If you must wear something, buy some hippie coconut earrings and necklaces at the street market.