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Some safety rules to consider upon arriving in Rio de Janeiro

Rio International Airport Galeão is situated in the northern part of the city close to what is know n as the neighborhood of Ilha do Governador. It takes more or less 30 minutes depending on the traffic to get to zona sul(the south zone) of the city where you more likely are going to stay.   

Never withdraw cash at the Galeão airport

The ATMs that take international cards seem to be tampered from time to time and many tourists have had their cards cloned upon arrival. Let me tell you, that is Not a good way to start your holiday or business stay. SO Make sure you have some cash in Brazilian real prior to arrival.

Transport from the airport

You may want to buy the prepaid taxis that you order from one of the boot at arrivals. These are a bit more expensive than the normal taxis on the street, but it is well worth it if you don’t speak any Portuguese and wish to pay with a foreign credit card.  

The airport is particular as taxi apps usually don’t work very well and über is banned around the airport.   When taking transportation in Rio in general its strongly recommend using über or a taxi app as security measure which you can read more about in the Getting around section. Especially as you can follow the route on your phone and you pay through the app, so there is no way the driver can overcharge you.