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Get fashion advice from Brazilian Top Blogger Alana Ruas

Alana Ruas and bike

 Name: Alana Ruas  Age: 27 years old Born in : Teófilo Otoni, - Minas Gerais (MG)  Lives in:  Rio de Janeiro Profession: Fashion designer, blogger and occasionally work as a stylist.   Tell us a bit about your journey coming to live in Rio de Janeiro I came to Rio as a 15 year old, with the goal

6 Carnival Songs you need to Learn!

Street Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Street Carnival in Rio de JaneiroIf you have been jumping around in the Carnival blocos (street parties) you have probably noticed that  people in the street are chanting a series of Carnival Marches.  Most of these are traditional songs from when Traditional Carnival Parties (Baile de Carnaval)  in Rio was

The Zika Virus in Rio

The neighboorhood of Ipanema

Many travelers are getting worried as news about the zika virus  has become a hot topic during the last few days. But should one really be worried? We'll look at what has been presented so far. The virus itself is not malignant, what is worrying to the doctors is the

The Beat of a favela

In late 2012 I had the pleasure of accompanying a visit to Complexo da Maré,  with ActionAid Brazil.  Complexo da Maré, often called Maré is a low income community or so called favela in the North Zone (Zona Norte) of Rio de Janeiro.  It is located close to the International