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Get Your Carnival Gear On

Carnival is  traditionally a  Catholic tradition with  3-day day celebration ending on ash wednesday.  According to the tradition after tree days of feast, the 40 day fast begins.  The feast was soon translated into  excessive partying and in Brazil it is greatly a celebration of Brazilian culture and music. The Brazilian Carnival is often referred to as “the Greatest Show on Earth.”

In Rio, official celebrations last around a week from the first parade in Sambodromo on a Saturday and ending with the Desfile dos campeoes (Winners Parade) the following Saturday one week later.  Some  might need to work in the “in between days” Thursday and Friday, but many  employers grant these two days as  an extra holiday.    The Sambodromo is definetly worth a visit,  but it is not a must to celebrate carnival in Rio, as the street carnival is one of the greatest in the country. Although the street carnival is an old tradition and can be seen in cult brazilian movies such as  “Orfeu Negro”, it has grown immensely in the last 15 years. The more traditional blocos (street parades) are in Centro(downtown) and Santa Teresa, but seem to be multiplying in size and number every year.

Now we have gathered a few costumes to get you inspired to get your carnival geatr on and take to the street and go to one of the blocos that you can see here.