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Travel in Latin America

  • Dubai, traveled along, across and diagonally, is an idea that is still a win-win, but not a very fresh one. After two days in the Maldives, you will desperately want adventure, and many other travel spots have become too ordinary. A common situation. Here is an unusual, truly exciting travel route that will remain in your memory for a lifetime. After reading today’s article you will surely consider travel to Latin America an extremely promising travel destination.


  • Why is Latin America attractive?

South America is a very colorful country. You will not find here traditional European strict streets and dignified ancient museums that can bore an avid tourist. But on your travel Latin America, you will find a new amazing adventure. Very often people go to Latin America to find a bride. In a way, single Latin American girls are very much like single russian women, this is evidenced by the similarity in character and behavior.
The ocean, volcanoes, stunning beauty of mountains, forests and lakes, colorful small towns, an abundance of exotic food and non-trivial entertainment attract the attention of gambling travelers around the world. If you are tired of excursions or a relaxing beach holiday and want to experience the adventure of adrenaline, feel free to go to any country of this warm continent on your next vacation.

  • How to travel to Latin America. Not only packing your SPF to protect from the hot sun and a Spanish dictionary downloaded in your smartphone are what you will need. Latin American travel has its peculiarities and we will tell you which ones.

Get ready to constantly communicate in Spanish

In Central and South America, English is almost not in use, except for airports and large hotels. Therefore, it is very vital to understand Spanish at least at a basic level. Language is one of the most important components of traveling to South America, so we recommend everyone to buy a phrasebook, it’s the best compact, so you can always take it with you, and in paper form, in case your phone dies.


Do not neglect vaccinations and insurance

So that Latin American travel does not end quickly and unpleasantly, you should thoroughly prepare. In some countries, there is a risk of catching malaria, hepatitis, or fever. When planning a trip to a country with a risk of contracting malaria, it is necessary to start taking preventive medicines 1-2 weeks before it, continue during the trip, and also for 4-6 weeks after returning. And be sure to buy and use mosquito repellents to make your Latin America trip comfortable.


Learn cultural features

In the countries of South America it is not customary to say “no”, everyone loves football, dancing and noisy national holidays. This is a country of fun and most kind and open people, however, carefully prepare to get acquainted with a different culture and read as much as possible about the country in which you are going.


What about security?

Many South America travel tips contain information that the area is insecure. But this statement is somewhat exaggerated. In large cities like Rio and Bogota, you need to be careful with personal belongings, not to carry large sums of money and expensive gadgets, not to go out in the dark on the outskirts. But in general, the situation is not that bad.


How to travel between countries?

Backpacking central and south America requires moving within the continent. It is also worth planning in advance. There are several low-cost airlines in South America when booking tickets early you can catch quite advantageous offers from Latam or Azul Brazilian Airlines.

You can use buses – it’s budget-friendly and convenient. There are a lot of bus companies, as this is the most popular form of transport in the countries of South America. The best way to travel in South America is to use international and national carriers. One of the largest companies operating in several countries in South America is called HOP. In Peru, there is Cruz del Sur, in Brazil – Cometa.


  • Sea ​​or mountains?

Which country and region to choose if you want to travel south this year? Of course, you won’t be able to see all of South America in two weeks, so it’s worth starting from what type of vacation you like. For a first visit, the best way to travel through South America is through Peru. Moreover, a trip to this country can be combined with Bolivia and Chile, you get a rich and interesting route, including the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

If you want to be alone with nature, Argentina, Tierra del Fuego and, of course, Patagonia will suit you. For beach lovers, we would advise Buenaventura in Colombia – a little-visited, but a very beautiful place, and in the north of the country – the beaches of the Caribbean. We would not advise anyone to go to Venezuela due to the unstable situation.

When and how to travel through South America comfortably? If you are flying for a beach holiday, then it is better to plan a trip to the north of the continent from November to May. If you want to visit Machu Picchu, the best time is from June to August, and to visit the Pacific, leave a few weeks on the calendar from December to March. When planning a trip, also take into account a sharp change in climatic zones, jumps in temperature and air humidity – all this is typical for South America.

  • Top Travel Destinations. Now let’s talk about the main tourist and not so popular spots you will probably fall in love upon visiting.


It is often called Latin Monaco. Luxurious beaches with white sand, dunes, the imposing rhythm of life and guaranteed security. Want a hippy-style vacation? Then you have a direct road to the capital of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis. Swing in a hammock in a pot over the ocean to the sound of the surf, feed the macaques (quite cute and unobtrusive), admire the multi-colored parrots of the Arara, drinking artisan beer produced by the descendants of the Germans. For fans of the luxury, there are also options here. First-class oysters for $2.5, an atmosphere of general relaxation and inexpensive yachts for rent. By the way, using the boat you can and even need to (otherwise why did you take it?) swim to Balneario-Camboriu – this is the so-called “Rio for the rich.”



TV shows, enlightenment and a bit of extreme. You can not ignore Salvador – the capital of Bahia – the birthplace of the beauty Adriana Lima. A colorful and colorful city, wherein the evenings almost all the locals dance the samba. And if you are here, be sure to visit the local markets – the atmosphere and the food offered are worth it. Have you watched the legendary 90s-series “Slave Isaura”? So here it is, alive, in Bahia. Among other things, a huge amount of precious stones are mined in this state, from topazes to emeralds, but to export them from the country without special permission is, frankly, problematic.



The Latin America express tour was incomplete without Peru. For example, Paracas – the most beautiful national park in Peru, where there are, among other things, dolphins, sea lions and pink flamingos (in the company of which meet the sunset becomes a real dream come true).  Real fashionistas also have something to spend money on in Peru – here a whole village manually weaves recognizable bags of the Brazilian brand Nannacay. It is decidedly impossible to choose one thing – take just five, or even seven. They will no longer go out of fashion in this life and will always be useful in everyday life. Well, so that the customs officers on the way back understand that you have not wasted your vacation, look at the shops where they sell sweaters, cardigans, and alpaca coats – this is almost the main export product of the country.



From there, you should head to Akrepa – the “white city”, which will collect thousands of likes on social networks. It is impossible to stop photographing local beauties, just as it is impossible to stop trying real Peruvian cuisine, even if you had not considered yourself a fan of it before. And if the soul strives new feats and your heart wants a dose of adrenaline – forward to the Inca Trail and the conquest of Machu Picchu. If you still lack the spirit for something – chew the coca leaves – here it is completely legal. It’s easier right away – maybe Machu Picchu will submit. Sold in the market, it costs symbolic money. But, for obvious reasons, it’s better not to bring this “delicacy” to your homeland as a gift to friends.



As for Lima (no, not Adriana) – leave this amazing city for a dessert in order to relax and forget yourself among Michelin restaurants and shops, to see impressive collections of modern art, to paraglide, to walk around the Love Park and the world’s largest complex of fountains, to see fight the bulls and fill it all with a fair portion of the main local cocktail – pisco-sour.

  • Forgetting about everything and diving into the vibrant culture of Latin America – a country of extremes – is definitely worth it. Latin America has the longest mountain system on Earth called the Andes, it also houses the largest functioning volcano on the planet called Cotopaxi, as well as the world’s highest waterfall named Angel, Titicaca is largest mountain lake and the largest river on Earth – the Amazon – is also situated here. So, do not hesitate and go book your tickets!